2 yr son of Okie at 29 inches

2 year old out of Max

32 inch trophy ram

33 inch Ram out of Okie

Another good young ram

Young ram out of Okie


blessing summer coat


bountiful blessing

Buckshot out of Henry

Favor & Ewes


Group of Rams

Henry and Ewes


Max 2001

Max 2004

Max Summer 2005

Max Summer coat 2004

Max Summer of 2006

Max Winter coat 2004

Max Winter of 2006

Maximum Max

Megaram in snow

Megaram in his summer coat

Mercedes Ben

Okie in Summer coat

Okie Winter coat 2004


Ram out of Henry

Rare set of mouflon twins

Spittin Image

Summer coat of Max

Terry Long's Okie

Twister out of Okie

Winter coat of Max

Winter coat of Okie

Year old ram

Young ams

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