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   1. Q - Where do European Mouflon Sheep originate from?

 A - European Mouflons come from the Island of Corsica and Sardinia.

  2. Q - Are there any other kinds of Mouflon Sheep besides the European Mouflons?
 A - Yes!  There are several kinds of sheep that are somewhat closely related to the European Mouflon.  Urial Sheep of the Middle East are a type of  Mouflon form.  You also have the Cyprian Mouflon and the Armenian Mouflon that have supercervical horns.  These types of horns sweep back  often  behind the neck.

  3. Q - What is the basic color of European Mouflon Rams?
 A - In the winter rams will usually be a foxy red color with black markings on sides and neck ruff.  They will usually have a white saddle over their  back.  Their summer coat will usually be a lighter color of red and very little of a saddle if any.

  4. Q - What is the normal horn configuration?
 A - Rams horns will grow up and out coming back down turning in toward the cheek.  If you look from behind or the front of them they will have a  kind  of heart shape look to them. Sometimes with big rams the horn will grow toward the cheek and turn up and begin to curl out.  This is all right as  long  as the tip of the horn doesn’t go past the base of the main part of the horn.  They cannot flare out like a Corsican or Barbado ram does.  If they  do,  they are disqualified from being put in most record books.

   5. Q - Is there any one physical characteristic that points toward the purity of European Mouflon Sheep?

 A - Yes!  Many times they will have the right color and horn configuration, but the tail will be the tell tale sign if it is a Pure Mouflon.  The tail of a  Mouflon shouldn’t be any longer than four inches.  Most hybrids Mouflons will have a tail that is 6 to 8 inches long.

  6. Q - Do European Mouflon Sheep do well in colder parts of the country?
 A - Yes!  Mouflons do well in extremely cold and do very well in very hot climates.  I personally have sold Mouflons that went to Wisconsin, Indiana,  New York, New Jersey and other colder weather states.  These Mouflons are thriving there.

  7. Q - Do Mouflons have twins like domestic sheep?
 A -Normally Mouflons have one lamb, but as they get older they sometimes will begin to have twins.  Normally twins are rare.

  8. Q - How long does a ram take to become a trophy?
 A - Your average ram will take approximately 4 years to grow 25 inch horns.  Good genetics make a lot of difference.  We have two year old rams  with 25 inch horns.  Genetics and nutrition are very important factors to growing trophy size rams.

  9. Q - Do rams get much larger than 25 inches in horn length?
 A - Yes! I recently saw a ram that was 3 ˝ years old and was already 33 inches.  Anything over 30 inches is world class quality.

10. Q - Is there a market for European Mouflon Sheep?
 A - Yes!  Pure Mouflons are hard to find. This keeps the price up and steady.

11. Q - How do you market European Mouflon Sheep?
 A - There are several ways to sell your sheep.  Some of these will bring you more profit than others.  Exotic Auctions, Exotic Magazines, Hunting  Outfitters and Selling to Breeders are your most common ways to market your European Mouflon Sheep.

12. Q - What kind of fencing do you need?
 A - Normally standard sheep and goat fencing is adequate.  In some cases Mouflons will jump these, but usually these will do fine.

13. Q - Do they do well with other Exotics?
 A - You can keep them with anything except other type of sheep.  They will cross with other type of sheep and these crosses are not near as  valuable as Mouflons.

14. Q - What kind of grasses will Mouflon graze?
 A - They are not picky eaters, but they do prefer weeds to grass often.

 15. Q - How much space do Mouflon require?
 A - You can put about 10 Mouflons for what it would take for one cow.

 16. Q - Comparing Mouflons with other Exotics how would you compare them in value.
 A - If European Mouflons are marketed right they will do as good as any hoof stock around.
 17. Q - Do you have to trim their hoofs like you do goats?
 A - No! Very rarely will Mouflons have any hoof problems. The only occasion usually occurs with too much protein being fed in their feed.

 18. Q - What are the basal measurements on a Mouflon horn?

 A - Usually Mouflons will range between 8 to 10 inches, but sometimes they will vary in circumference either smaller or larger.

 19. Q - Do European Mouflon Ewes have horns?

 A - Sometimes, but this is not the norm.  Occasional Mouflon Ewes will have horns.

 20. Q - What is the gestation cycle of a European Mouflon Ewe?

 A - Gestation generally lasts five months (150 – 180 days).

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