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Majestic Mouflons' goal is to have world class genetics producing world class trophy rams. That goal has been fulfilled with young rams growing out to be record book rams at 2 1/2 years old and younger.

Our herds are the result of selective breeding of European Mouflons of world class genetics. We have practiced single sired herds from the beginning of our breeding programs. When we say single sired herds we are talking about having one ram in a herd of ewes. We have documented our herds now for 16 years.

Our two breeding rams are Majestic Mouflon's Maximum Max and Majestic Mouflon's Massive Mo. These two rams continue to bring the very best genetics to the European Mouflon breeding industry.

Majestic Mouflon's Maximum Max has proven to be a great producer over the years. Max is one of those rams that has it all. His horns measure 32 inches long with a wide perfect heart horn shape. He is one of the last offspring out of our foundational herd sires Majestic Mouflon's Grecian King.

Majestic Mouflon's Massive Mo is a four year old ram that measures 36 inches long with alot of heavy mass. Mo is out of our Majestic Mouflons Favor ram that we had a few years back.

If you are interested in offspring from either one of these rams please give us a call or e-mail us. Also from time to time we will have good young breeding rams for sale.



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