The Book Mouflon World


 Majestic Mouflons is proud to present, "Mouflon World", the only book of its kind. As far as we know it is the only book on the market that deals specifically about European Mouflon Sheep and Rams.
Mouflon World contains 20 chapters of information on pure European Mouflon sheep.
Chapter titles include:
* The Magic of Mouflons
* The Future of Mouflons
* Breed Standards for European Mouflon Sheep
* Growing Out Trophy Mouflon Rams
* Parasitic Paranoia
* Marketing Your Mouflons
* Plus 14 more dynamic chapters!
The cost of the book is $25, this includes shipping and handling. You can use Paypal or send your check or money order to:
                                       Rickey Hunt
                                       1603 FM 1326
                                        Avery, Texas 75554
                                       Ph. 903-684-3234



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