Majestic Mouflons

Mouflons That Have Stood the Test of Time!


For  those of you that don't know us I would like to tell you a little about ourselves. I am Rickey Hunt. Donna, my wife and our two sons have helped me raise and promote the European Mouflon breed of sheep for 16 years now. We named our mouflon business Majestic Mouflons, because the mouflons are such an awesome majestic animal. When we first began our endeavor with our mouflons we started with 1 ram and two ewes. What began as a hobby now has turned into a business that has connected us with people around the world. We have been interviewed by newspapers such as The Dallas Morning News and The Washington Post. Some of our pictures and quotes from our book "Mouflon World" have been used many times as supplemental information for schools, universities, and web type dictionaries. We have had numerous Professors of Universities in Europe make contact with us, as well as a  Biologist from Hawaii seeking out information on these animals. I could go on and on how much fun we have had raising these majestic exotic rams. 

We  have come along way in 16 years of breeding these sheep. Our breeding rams and ewes carry genetics that have carefully been brought together that are now producing rams that are growing out to 35 to 36 inches at 4 years old. By no means will all the rams grow out that big, but most rams will exceed 30 inches at that age.


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